Top 3 Platforms to buy Bitcoin with Credit card in 2022

This guide will show you the top 3 best platforms to buy Bitcoin with credit card in 2022.

Buying Bitcoin with a credit card 2022

Credit cards are not only a very popular form of payment in the USA. More and more people are turning to the payment medium for everyday use in other countries like Austria, Canada, UK, Switzerland, etc. This also applies to buying Bitcoin with a credit card. The following applies here: It is hardly faster or safer, but it often has the disadvantage of high fees.

This guide will show you how you can quickly, safely, and easily buy your first Bitcoin online with a credit card within a few minutes.

You will find our experiences with the 3 best crypto brokers and trading platforms in the following.


eToro is the world’s largest social trading platform and has more than 10 years of company history.

From our perspective, it is the best platform to buy Bitcoin with a credit card.

As the first positive aspect, we mention the numerous deposit options. At eToro, you as a user can buy Bitcoin with credit card, instant transfer, classic transfer, or even PayPal.

User interface of the social trading platform eToro
User interface of the social trading platform eToro

In addition to the possibility of investing in Bitcoin and Co., eToro also enables trading in stocks, precious metals and ETFs.

Thanks to the clear user interface, the overall package is particularly impressive, which makes use intuitive and easy for beginners.

Especially those who want to buy Bitcoin via credit card benefit from the fee structure at eToro. What is special about this is that the platform completely waives any deposit fees. The spread for buying Bitcoin is a competitive 0.75 percent. There is a flat fee of $5 for withdrawals.

Other advantages that you should know:

  • eToro offers a free demo account
  • You can trade more than 30 cryptocurrencies
  • There are no deposit fees
  • eToro has more than ten years of market experience


Bitpanda is a company headquartered in Austria.

The crypto broker with an integrated exchange is the second platform in our review of the best trading platforms for buying Bitcoin with a credit card.

The modern user interface has to be emphasized, which outperforms the competition in our test.

We also welcome the possibility that customers can set up a savings plan and diversify their portfolio with precious metals.

However, we need optimization in the cost structure and pricing policy.

1.49 percent for credit card deposits

Compared to eToro, the fee for credit card deposits is 1.49 percent. When buying Bitcoin (BTC), there is also a spread of 1.49 percent.

So if you decide to buy bitcoins worth EUR 1,000, you will initially incur a fee of EUR 14.90 for the deposit. You then have to pay another fee of 1.49 percent on your remaining amount of 985.10 EUR.


Binance is the world’s largest crypto exchange in terms of the trading volume.

The trading platform is used by millions of users and offers various products.

In addition to the actual buying and selling, you can also trade Bitcoin futures, use staking, and trade with leverage.

The cost structure is particularly positive at Binance. Users only pay 0.10 percent trading fees, but you should consider the deposit costs. Here, too, there are no 1.49 percent fees if you want to buy Bitcoin with a credit card.

Regulation as the sword of Damocles

Despite all these positive aspects, the greatest danger with the platform is through the possible regulation. As an unlicensed company, Binance operates globally, including European Union.

Buy bitcoin with credit card, PayPal or bank transfer?

We summarize the main advantages and disadvantages of the three payment methods: credit card, PayPal, and bank transfer.

Buy bitcoin with credit card

Most of all, buying a cryptocurrency with a credit card is quick. This is one of the greatest advantages.

If you use a real credit card, you also have a payment term and thus increase your liquidity.

Introducing secure payment methods such as MasterCard Identity Check also ensures absolute security.

The main disadvantage is the cost of paying by credit card, which is higher than the cost of a bank transfer. However, a crypto exchange like eToro does not charge any deposit fees.

Buy bitcoin with PayPal

Anyone who decides to buy a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin with PayPal also has speed advantage.

Further advantages are the low costs and PayPal buyer protection.

Buy Bitcoin with (instant) transfer

If you decide to buy a cryptocurrency with a transfer, you usually don’t pay any extra fees and have the highest level of security with the transfer itself.

However, a major disadvantage compared to buying Bitcoin with a credit card is the slow processing of the transfer. The option of withdrawing a transfer is also not possible. An alternative to the classic transfer can therefore be the purchase of Bitcoin with the instant transfer.

How to buy Bitcoin in 2022 with a credit card

We will show you how you can securely buy your first BTC with a credit card in less than 10 minutes in the following instructions.

Since eToro lands first in our review, we choose the crypto broker as a reference for our guide. You can also make deposits of up to $1,000 there without carrying out KYC verification.

This not only complies with all legal requirements but also saves time.

By clicking on the button above with the label “act immediately Bitcoin (BTC)”, you will be taken directly to the registration. It is advisable to leave our instructions open at the same time.

Step 1: how to open your account

The first step to invest securely in Bitcoin is to open an account.

If you have clicked on the button above, you will first see the overview page for Bitcoin (BTC). Then click on the blue button labeled “Trade” .

Now the registration mask opens, where you only have to enter your username, email and password.

Save time with single sign-on

Alternatively, you can also connect with platforms such as Google or Facebook. This saves time as you can confirm your email directly and start trading faster.

Step 2: Buy Bitcoin with a credit card

After you have gone through the first step, you can devote yourself to the deposit. A big advantage of the crypto broker is starting to buy Bitcoin directly via credit card.

As long as your investment is under $2000, you can proceed with a quick registration. If so, all you have to do is answer a few short questions about your existing financial knowledge.

This is an advantage in that you do not have to carry out video identification by third-party platforms such as IDNow in the first step.

Regulation and legal requirements

Even if questions concerning registration are perceived as annoying, they are necessary. Every reputable crypto exchange that is regulated must be able to provide this information for investor protection and due to the applicable money laundering guidelines.

If you want to trade more than $2000  directly, you must first complete the more extensive registration.

Click on the  Deposit money” button to start trading right now.

A window will now open. Here you select your deposit amount and credit card as the payment method .

Step 3: trade Bitcoin (BTC)

In the third and last step, you can now buy your first bitcoins directly from eToro.

To do this, click on the blue button at the top right that says “Trade” .

Now you choose your contribution and click on  Open Trade” .

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about buying Bitcoin with a credit card

This section provides answers to the most important questions about buying the cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) with a credit card.












Where can I buy Bitcoin with a credit card in 2022?

The most popular platforms for buying Bitcoin with credit card in 2022 are Binance, eToro, and Bitpanda. The deposit fees vary between 0.00 percent and 1.99 percent per platform.

Can I buy Bitcoin in Australia with a credit card?

Yes, cryptocurrencies can also be bought in Australia with a credit card. Credit cards are generally accepted worldwide so that the limitation arises much more from the selection of the respective trading platform. We can recommend the Austrian platform Bitpanda here.

Where can I buy Bitcoin with a credit card in Austria?

If you are from Austria and want to buy Bitcoin with a credit card, you can use the Vienna-based crypto broker Bitpanda. Bitpanda offers both an exchange and a brokerage service, is reputable, and a large number of 30 cryptocurrencies also offers stocks, ETFs, and precious metals.

Which cryptocurrency can I buy with a credit card?

The range of tradable cryptocurrencies that you can buy with a credit card depends on the platform. The Binance crypto exchange has the largest offer in our test. The Austrian platform Bitpanda took second and third place, followed by eToro.

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