Decorative Vases for Living Room – 20 Beautiful Ideas

Decorative Vases for living room

Don’t know how to use decorative vases for living room? Then see the 25 beautiful ideas to transform your home!

Decorative vases for living room make the house cozier and bring some of the gardens into the house. You can find them vases in different sizes, shapes, and colors, which help transform the room quickly and punctually.

Despite this, it is not uncommon for people to have doubts about choosing the most suitable models and the location, and even have ideas for inspiration.

If that’s your case, you don’t have to worry, because we’ve separated 25 beautiful rooms with stunning decorative vases. Come and see!

Clay Vases

Clay Vases

Another idea for both larger and smaller plants is clay vases. It is fashionable, helps to differentiate any space, and can be found in different sizes and formats.

To help bring out that rustic feel, invest in different clay pots or something that matches your living room.

Glass vase with stones

Glass vase with stones

Another traditional option of decorative vases for the living room is the glass model. Transparent is a great idea for those who want to use garden stones. You can use this template for both larger and smaller plants.

Larger Plants

Larger Plants

Larger plants look great in living rooms and can be the missing highlight in your decor. For those who do not have much light in the environment, a tip is to invest in Rafia palm. It is excellent for indoor and low-light spaces, as well as being beautiful.

Metallic vases

metallic vases

Don’t have enough space to use large decorative living room vases? Everything is fine. Some beautiful small models also bring an extra charm to the environment.

For example, these metallic vases are exquisite and can help to highlight a side table or coffee table.

Crafted crystal vase

crafted crystal vase

Crystal vases are very traditional options to decorate the house. If you don’t give up this element but want to modernize the room, you can invest in differentiated vases. Those in the image, for example, have the application of colored glass threads, giving the piece a super special effect.

Painted clay vases

Clay vases are an old acquaintance – and the perfect choice for many people. If the money is short of buying decorative vases for the living room, how about betting on these models? To differentiate them, use paint and creativity!

Baskets and Wood

Are you one of those who always contribute to the environment and love projects that use sustainable materials? Then you will definitely love this inspiration! For the vase, the basket is the highlight. In addition, the corner gained an extra charm with wooden stools as support.

Copper vase

Copper is a shade on the rise in the decorative universe, appearing in various items and accessories. This vase will definitely catch your attention if you are part of a lover of industrial or Scandinavian styles. After all, copper is the main element of these styles – and this decorative vase is capable of highlighting any plant.


The sloth is adorable – and that’s why it has appeared as an inspiration for some decoration accessories. Anyone who loves to make environments more creative and humorous will fall in love with this vase. Sloth can be hung anywhere in your room, but it will help to highlight the environment.

Concrete Vases

Is your living room tiny and barely has space for large arrangements or decorative vases? Know that this is no excuse to leave nature away from your decor. In this idea, concrete vases are the highlight. With a charming painting and beautiful succulents, it is ideal for corner and coffee tables, sideboards, and racks.

Round vases

Round vases have been known for a long time and are not always synonymous with modernity.

For those who want to give an “up” on the room’s decor, however, investing in models of vases with relief is the tip.

Geometric vases

Geometric vases

Those who follow blogs and decoration magazines have come across these models of decorative vases for the living room.

They are produced in varied geometric shapes, such as cubes, triangles, squares, and others.

They can be used on racks, coffee tables, side tables, and other elements forming super bold arrangements.


Are you a fan of puppies? Then you need vases like this to decorate your living room. The models are super fun and great for smaller plants like succulents. They are ideal for any spare corner you have in your living room.

Hanging vases

Another cool idea for those struggling with a lack of space is hanging gardens.

It is possible to find models of beautiful and very modern suspended vases for different species of plants.

In this idea, the vase helps to decorate and decorate the environment in a very creative and different way.

Painted Ceramics

If you prefer a more luxurious decoration, the tip is to opt for decorative vases for a more elegant living room.

Ceramic ones are great options because they bring that feeling of nobility and finesse.

Opt for hand-painted models that are even more graceful, making them stand out in your arrangements.

Painted glass vase

Painted glass vase

How about a vase for your living room with a very modern and different design?

This idea is based on frosted pearly glass vases with spots in a mixed brown tone.

The inspiration is pretty cool, and you can combine other objects and different plants to compose the environment.

White vases

White vases

The tip for those who prefer a more sober decoration is to invest in white vases.

These models are neutral, understated, and elegant, matching almost any decorative style.

Like many of the models presented in this content, this vase can also be found in larger and smaller sizes.

Stripe Vase

Stripe Vase

Another small decorative vase idea to set up a succulent garden!

The base is a simple concrete vase that has been coated with horizontal stripe paint.

Another suggestion is to combine the vases with other decoration elements.

Embossed vases

A solid trend in the world of decoration is pieces, items, and accessories in high relief or 3D. Of course, decorative vases for the living room couldn’t stay out of this fashion. If you wish to create a cleaner look, the tip is to bet on plain colors without drawing.

Nordic vase

For decoration to make sense, it is important to reflect the resident’s personality. If you love a more neutral and sober decor, how about using Nordic-style vases in a more discreet tone? The idea is very different and brings a sense of calm and fullness to the environment.

As you have seen, there is no shortage of beautiful inspirations for decorative vases for the living room.

Enjoy and share these ideas on your social networks! 

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