Frequently Asked Questions about eNaira Faqs | Here are the answers

eNaira faqs

Frequently Asked Questions on eNaira Faqs

I am trying to sign up but my bank is not listed?

With every new app version, we are introducing new features and improving the existing ones.

Is eNaira going to add value to my Money in Naira?

No, the value of eNaira is stable and at the same rate as Naira.

How much is eNaira to US dollar today?

eNaira to Dollar exchange rate today is ₦ 410.96 in CBN.

How can I earn from eNaira digital currency?

Currently, there is earn money opportunity on eNaira digital currency.

What is the difference between eNaira wallet and a normal mobile banking app?

Normal mobile banking app can be used to transfer money to another bank, while the eNaira wallet app can only be used with another eNaira wallet user.

How will eNaira tackle unemployment in the country?

The development of eNaira digital currency will not reduce unemployment in Nigeria.

Is EFCC monitoring eNaira?

There is a possibility that the Federal Government of Nigeria can use the service of EFCC to monitor the app since it not decentralized.

How is eNaira going to increase the value of Naira?

No, eNaira will not increase the value of Naira.

What is the value of eNaira to a Cedi?

1 Ghana cedi to eNaira is ₦67.13.

What is eNaira of a thing all about?What is eNaira of a thing all about?

It is digital money instead of physical cash. You can convert the money in your bank account to your eNaira wallet and use it for any transactions to any other person with an eNaira wallet. It’s straightforward. It doesn’t mean Naira has appreciated, but it can only save Federal Government from printing physical cash/money.

Can I buy items online with eNaira?

Yes, you can make payment for items with eNaira wallet app.

Can I borrow money on eNaira?

No, you can’t take a loan with eNaira wallet.

What is the difference between eNaira Wallet and Gtbank app?

eNaira wallet is the app for storing eNaira while Gtbank app is the official mobile banking application for Guaranty Trust Bank plc.

How much is 1 eNaira to 1 naira in Nigeria today?

The value of 1 eNaira to 1 Naira today in Nigeria is #1.

Can we use eNaira to buy other cryptocurrencies?

No, eNaira is a digital currency, not a cryptocurrency.

Can I able to make purchases with no limit from AliExpress with the eNaira?

Yes, you can purchase something from AliExpress and other online shopping sites with eNaira.

Can the eNaira be used as a dollar account?

No, it can only be used as a digital representation of Naira.

What makes E-Naira different from others?

It is more like a state-owned mobile money network.

Does your eNaira operate under blockchain technology?

eNaira is built using Hyperledger Fabric which is a permissioned distributed ledger technology (DLT) system.

Does eNaira add any value to the economy of Nigeria?

No, eNaira adds no value to the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s economy.

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