How to Get Paid to be a Virtual Friend in 2021 (All you need to know)

Do you know that you can Get Paid to be a Virtual Friend? Are you one of those people looking to earn some easy money without having to spend much of your time? How about getting paid to talk to people online and become virtual friend? Yes! You read it correctly. Virtual Friend is a legitimate way of making money where people pay you to be their online companion. Since we are all stuck to our mobile phones these days, we might as well start earning money for what we do almost every day – texting people or friends in general.

Texting people online and getting paid can be a great side hustle to save up money for something you may want. Besides, you are open to the possibility of making some real friends too. This is a perfect way of making money without having to put in much effort. You get paid without leaving your comfort zone. Sounds intriguing to you? Keep on reading and find out exactly how this works because it will cover every aspect of the idea.


It involves a person, which could be you, being paid by someone online to talk to them and be friends. It is as simple as it sounds. You do not have to meet them in person, and you can text them in the comfort of your bed. However, it does involve being a genuine friend and getting along with the person who employs you. The individuals who seek online companionship usually struggle in their daily lives to make some real friends.

They could be shy, or perhaps, introverts and possibly also disabled. They need someone to share their problems with, talk about how their day went, or have an exuberant time talking to someone who cares about them. This is exactly what it means to be a virtual friend. You get paid to talk to lonely people.

FACT: Every 1 out of 3 Americans is lonely.


While the notion of getting paid to text people online sounds thrilling, how much you earn only depends on the amount of time you invest to be an online friend. But to have a fair idea about the worthwhileness of this job, you can earn around 20 to 30 dollars per hour which can go up to 50 dollars if you are willing to invest more time with a particular individual. It’s easy to imagine you are already calculating the amount of money you could make by working certain hours in a week.

To give an estimate, you can earn a hefty amount of 2000 dollars a month if you work 20 hours on average per week. How amazingly convenient is that? Especially since you can make that money by only texting some friends online, listening to their tales, checking upon them, and giving some authentic advice just like you do with your real friends.

Are you vulnerable to risks as a virtual friend?

If someone answers no to this question, they are probably lying to you because, like every other work globally, getting paid for texting people also has its associated risks. Although it’s relatively safer to be an online friend, you could get mistreated or stalked unwillingly for one. However, there are certain things you could do to be on the safe side:

  • You can choose not to disclose your real name if you feel like it, even though it should not be a problem, but you can go right ahead if it makes you feel any safer.
  • You should not give your address to anyone you are texting online because you do not know what they may have in mind, and you would not want an unwelcomed guest at your house while you are busy doing anything more important than meeting an online friend.

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How to start earning by texting people online?

Now that we understand what it means to be a virtual friend, we have the real question in front of us. How do you even make money by texting someone online? Well, there are specific steps that you need to follow to become an online friend:

  1. Several companies or websites bring together people willing to become virtual friends and people who wish to ‘rent’ them. You need to find such a website, sign up, and create a profile.
  2. Secondly, you need to add a description for yourself to showcase your personality so that people looking for a virtual friend know what kind of a person you are. The more you speak about yourself, the more likely you will get people hitting you up with messages.
  3. It would help if you also took up any quizzes available to evaluate your personality. They will help you match with appropriate people and give you a head start in your virtual adventures.
  4. Set up your payment details so that people know how you prefer to get paid for your online services. Many websites support various payment methods. It could be your PayPal account or your bank account as well.
  5. When you are through all the above steps, you are ready to start texting people for money. It would help if you now waited for people to send you message requests. The more people get attracted to the description of yourself, the more they feel comfortable, and the more proposals you receive.

What is the job of a virtual friend?

It’s nothing out of the ordinary. You do everything you would do while texting a personal friend of yours. You can have different types of people approach you, asking you to be their online friend. It would be best to make them comfortable while talking to you, and you could do that by getting to know them. You could discuss your hobbies with them and find something familiar and peculiar to speak about. You could get video chat with them occasionally to give them a personal touch or maybe even play games with them online.

Although you do not necessarily have to meet them face to face, you could do it if they ask for it and do not find a problem in doing so. However, some people may strongly prefer only virtual friendships, so you should not push them to meet you in person. Moreover, if you ever encounter someone asking for something inappropriate, you can report them to the website right away without complying with any of their needless demands.

How do you find the jobs of a virtual friend?

If you have made this far in the article, you probably understand how getting paid to talk to people works. Finally, it’s time to know how you can find virtual friend jobs for yourself. As mentioned earlier, several websites can sign up and start earning as online friend. Some of them are listed below:

  1. being one of the most popular websites out there for freelancing, Fiverr is an appropriate platform for your online texting endeavours. Fiverr friendship allows you to advertise your services, set up a price tag for them, and start earning online as a virtual friend.
  2. this website has an enormous audience, so you likely find a person you tone with. However, you will need to answer a questionnaire before the website can officially approve you to start working as a virtual friend. Once you are approved, you can set your charges and start earning between 20 to 50 dollars per hour.
  3. unlike the other two platforms discussed above, you need to pay an annual fee of 100 dollars to sign up on this website, which is negligible compared to the benefits and potential it offers. Since you would be rated based on your interests, it is recommended that you spend ample time filling up your profile with your hobbies and preferences as much as possible. Once you have done this, you can start texting people for a decent chunk of money.

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As this article covered, it’s no longer a fantasy to earn money by casually conversing with strangers online. This opportunity is open to anyone who wants to make decent money in the shortest possible time. If you get along with people and find it easy to initiate conversations with strangers, this might be the job for you. Your phone and an internet connection are all you need to start texting people and get paid for it: zero investment, minimum effort.

What more could you ask for? You might as well end up making a few real friends along the way. Now, if you are done speculating, gear up and start your journey to meet new people without leaving your bed.

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