How to Buy Shiba Inu Coin: Invest in SHIB in 5 Easy Steps (2022)

Find out where and how you can buy Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB) with PayPal, credit card or bank transfer in this guide.

This article will show you what options there are to buy Shiba Inu (SHIB) using PayPal, instant transfer, and credit card.

5-step Guide on How to buy Shiba Inu (SHIB)

  • Find the right trading platform
  • open an account
  • Verify account
  • Deposit on the platform
  • Buy and Sell Shiba Inu

First of all, choosing the right trading platform is important to trade SHIB or buy and stake Shiba Inu.

After selecting the appropriate trading platform or exchange, you can immediately start and open an account. The verification of the account follows this. This is especially necessary to comply with the requirements of the tax office.

After the first deposit, you can start trading cryptocurrencies on the respective platform.

Invest in Shiba Inu with a crypto broker

In the beginning, many wonder where is the best place to buy Shiba Inu Coin. The choice of different trading platforms seems to be endless. You want to benefit from Shiba Inu’s share price development.

Due to its simplicity, we recommend a crypto broker, especially for beginners, to buy Shiba Inu Coin at the beginning.

With a crypto broker, you can quickly, securely, and easily participate in SHIB’s performance. A crypto broker is ideally suited for this.

What is a crypto broker?

First, we want to explain to you what a crypto broker is.

In short: crypto brokers allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies easily.

This means that your trading partner is always the respective crypto broker. This guarantees you a buying and selling price of the respective cryptocurrency at any time.

In comparison to a crypto exchange with a crypto broker, you do not trade with other exchange participants. Getting started is also made easier because you don't need to know order books or limit orders.

The spread is the fee of the crypto broker and is calculated as the difference between the buying and selling price. The broker finances itself through this difference, usually between 0.75 percent and 2.5 percent.

Why a crypto broker can be beneficial for Shiba Inu

A crypto broker allows you to buy and sell Shiba Inu in a completely uncomplicated manner.

Investors can thus buy Shiba Inu (SHIB) without having to worry about more complex questions, such as safe custody or the seed. From our point of view, this is a great advantage, especially for beginners.

Another special feature is that good crypto brokers like eToro also offer you the opportunity to invest in other assets such as stocks or precious metals.

This means that a crypto broker is often not only suitable for your investment in Shiba Inu but also for building up and managing all of your assets.

Is a crypto broker right for me? – 5 aspects to decide

  • I want to buy Shiba Inu because I see it as an investment.
  • The price development is important to me. I am not using cryptocurrency for practical purposes.
  • I don’t want to worry about safekeeping.
  • A high level of liquidity in trading platforms is important to me.
  • I want to buy Shiba Inu in a regulated trading platform.

If you answered “yes” to three of the five statements, in our opinion you should use a regulated crypto broker to buy Shiba Inu Coin.

Buy Shiba Inu (SHIB) on a crypto exchange

Crypto exchanges are an alternative to buying Shiba Inu Coin, and thus, investing in SHIB are crypto exchanges.

Investors can purchase physical coins on these trading platforms. The most popular exchange for investing in SHIB is Coinbase.

Pros and cons of crypto exchanges

The advantages of exchanges are many cryptocurrencies, low fees and the ability to take over the safekeeping of your own coins. For beginners, however, safe storage is often a major hurdle. The complex user interface can also seem overwhelming.

Even if the registration on the platforms mentioned takes minutes, as with a crypto broker, there is a big difference to crypto brokers: Most crypto exchanges are not yet licensed in Germany because there is still a lack of regulation.

Binance in particular, struggled with problems due to a lack of licenses in 2021. In addition, due to the lack of regulation, there is no deposit insurance provided by banks, for example. The following recommendation arises from the points just mentioned.

A crypto exchange is suitable for investors who ...

  • Already have experience with cryptocurrencies.
  • Know the user interfaces of stock exchanges from the classic financial market.
  • Know how to keep Shiba Inu safe.
  • Understand terms like stop loss or limit order.

If you decide on a crypto exchange to buy Shiba Inu Coin, you should pay attention to the mentioned points.

You are also fully responsible for your cryptocurrencies on the exchange. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep your cryptocurrencies in a hardware wallet after buying them.

Buy Shiba Inu Coin with PayPal

It is trendy to buy cryptocurrencies like Shiba Inu with PayPal.

eToro is the only trading platform in our stock exchange comparison that allows customers to invest in cryptocurrencies like Shiba Inu with PayPal.

Crypto exchanges like Binance, Bitpanda, Coinbase, or do not offer the possibility to invest in SHIB with PayPal.

Therefore, eToro is recommended for all investors who want to use PayPal as a payment method for Shiba Inu.

Buy Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB) with Instant bank transfer

The choice of payment method directly affects the trading platform.

Therefore, this decision is important because choosing the payment method and trading platform is the first step towards investing.

In this case, however, the major disadvantage is the transaction time. Depending on the provider, this can take between 24 and 48 hours. This can be a disadvantage, especially in the highly volatile crypto market.

Note the transfer time

Therefore, direct investment in SHIB is not possible when trading by bank transfer. In the volatile cryptocurrency market, it is important to react quickly to market events.

Therefore, the instant transfer is the better alternative to the classic SEPA transfer. This payment system ensures the immediate posting of the amounts without waiting. This allows investors to invest immediately in the SHIB cryptocurrency.

Buy Shiba Inu buy with credit card

It is also possible to buy the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency with a credit card

When paying by credit card, investors have the advantage, similar to PayPal, that trading activities can begin immediately.

The best-known brokers, such as exchanges, support the payment method of credit cards to be able to buy Shiba Inu Coin.

Therefore, you can decide whether you want to buy Shiba Inu with a credit card or invest in SHIB through an exchange like Coinbase.

Credit card and deposit fees

When using a credit card, be aware of the potential cost of depositing. The fees vary significantly depending on the provider.

For example, the Binance exchange charges customers 1.79% for deposits with Visa or Mastercard. Bitpanda charges a fee of 1.49%.

The process is free of charge with trading platforms such as eToro, so you don’t pay any fees if you choose an instant transfer.

Shiba Inu price prediction: buy SHIB or not?

Memecoins like Shiba Inu set many records in 2021. Shiba Inu has even left Dogecoin behind. Therefore, many potential investors wonder whether it is still worthwhile to buy Shiba Inu Coin.

Although the Shiba Inu rate is currently chasing one all-time high after the other, a Shiba Inu rate prediction can never be made with certainty and guarantee provided that there is serious advice.

You must consider the various parameters when making a Shiba Inu Coin prediction. Therefore, the aim of a prediction should be to find the right combination of current and future factors relevant to the price development of SHIB.

The two most important components for such a prediction are the long-term fundamentals and the short-term momentum, which can be determined based on technical analysis. If you have a positive attitude based on your SHIB prognosis, it can be worthwhile to buy Shiba Inu.

The entire SHIB community is currently trying to increase the price of the digital currency, which was originally intended as a meme token, by burning many SHIB tokens. This means that owners of Shiba Inu Coins send them to wallets that no one has access to. Due to the falling supply, the price can rise if the demand remains the same.

The main indicators for the Shiba Inu price

  • Shiba Inu was only developed in August 2020. Behind the cryptocurrency is the still anonymous person or group “Ryoshi”.
  • Dogecoin’s Shiba Inu logo represents the Shiba Inu dog breed.
  • SHIB is an ERC-20 token. This is a token based on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • As with Dogecoin, Elon Musk is a big fan of the Shiba Inu token. At the beginning, 50 percent of the tokens went to the decentralized exchange Uniswap, the remaining 50 percent to Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin.

Conclusion: How you can buy Shiba Inu

We recommend these platforms for buying SHIB:

SHIB with PayPal

If you want to use PayPal to deposit on an exchange, we recommend eToro. The trading platform with a BaFin license is the only provider that allows deposits and withdrawals via PayPal. If you now want to invest in Shiba Inu via PayPal, you can do that here via eToro.

SHIB with Instant Transfer

If you want to deposit via instant transfer, you have the choice between eToro, Coinbase, and Bitpanda. The Sofortüberweisung allows you to participate in the market with the money deposited within minutes.

SHIB with Credit Card

If you want to use your credit card to make a deposit, various exchanges and brokers are available to you. However, we recommend eToro here as well, as the user-friendly interface and the secure processing through the BaFin license is another advantage at eToro.

Invest in SHIB on Platform with many features

If you want to use a pervasive interface with many functions to invest in SHIB, we recommend Coinbase. The exchange has a BaFin license and is the largest exchange in the USA regarding trading volume and users. As alternatives to Coinbase, we can recommend Binance.

Frequently asked questions about the Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB)

This section provides answers to the most critical questions about the Shiba Inu token.

Shiba Inu Coin vs. Dogecoin: Which Token Is Better?

While Dogecoin scores with its network, its history, fame, and the influence of great personalities (Elon Musk), Shiba Inu has its own decentralized exchange, better supply dynamics, and more development activity.

Can Shiba Inu rate continue to rise?

From the perspective of chart analysis, there is still potential for the Shiba Inu price to rise further. In the long term, however, the fundamental values ​​limit the potential for the price. Another upper limit is the market capitalization of other cryptocurrencies. In addition, the price could rise due to so-called burning events.

What do burning Shiba Inu tokens bring?

Many supporters want to reduce the amount of SHIB tokens in circulation. For this purpose, burning events have come to the fore. Tokens are irrevocably sent to nothing so that the price of the Shiba Inu coin continues to rise due to the lower amount in circulation.

Where can you get buy Shiba Inu?

The reputable crypto exchanges to buy Shiba Inu are Binance, eToro, and Coinbase. There is a possibility that the coin can also be bought on the US trading platform Kraken in the future. Another petition is pending with the US broker Robinhood.

Shiba Inu Coin and Elon Musk: what is the connection?

Elon Musk is an avowed supporter of the Dogecoin meme token. In the past, tweets about the Shiba Inu dog caused a stir and speculation whether the Tesla CEO is also invested in SHIB. However, Musk said no to this question.

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