3 Simple Ways to Identify Succulents

How to Identify Succulents

Undoubtedly, if you want to grow efficiently and give your succulent everything it needs to grow fast and bloom, you need to know how to identify succulents first.

And unfortunately, it is not easy to remember the names of all of them since there are approximately 22 thousand known species. But there are still some methods you can use to identify succulents.

When I had to identify my first succulents, it was terrifying. I had just won and had nothing and no one to tell me.

I had to search for the breed; I googled the word “succulents” and kept scrolling through the images until I found the ones I had won.

But over time, I discovered some easier and faster ways, and they are what I’m going to show you in this article. There are three simple ways that will make you learn how to identify succulents quickly.

You choose what suits you best.

If you have that doubt, “which succulent do I have?” it ends up here!

First start by taking a good photo

Seriously, you need to take a complete picture of your succulent, it has to be clear, well focused, and that takes the succulent completely (stem and leaves)

If it is blooming, it will be even easier to identify. Take a separate photo of the flowers separately.

It’s essential to take a picture of just the succulent you want to identify. If it’s in an arrangement, focus only on the succulent you want to name.

The clarity of the image is also very important, as some succulents can have a strange color in the picture when they are in the dark.

After taking a nice picture, let’s go to the three ways:

1. Facebook groups

Facebook groups are one of the most excellent and complete ways.

After all, gardening also serves to relate to other people. You will need to join the FB group, and there are several about succulents, send a photo, and your doubts will be quickly resolved.

What I think is coolest is that many people in these groups have the succulent you have; that is, these same people can give you several tips that they discovered in practice.

You can ask about the soil they use, how long it takes to grow, and how to make seedlings. After all, it’s direct knowledge of practice!

2. Applications

There are also several apps; I use some myself. However, they only provide the name, and sometimes these same apps can’t say the exact name of the plant.

Most apps for how to identify succulents are free for a while. They let you search five photos daily, which is enough in most cases.

Soon after you find out the succulent’s name, I recommend that you search for how to take care of it, such as light, soil, ruler, and environment are the most important.

Here are some apps I use to identify succulents and other plants:

  • Google Lens
  • iNaturalist
  • PictureThis
  • PlantNet
  • PlantSnap

3. Profile of other lovers on Instagram

On Instagram, we find several people, other succulent growers, gardening companies, and seedling sellers. And these people are always willing to help, at least they should.

Send a message with the image of the succulent to these people. You can even send it to me. It may take slightly longer for you to get a response, as these profiles receive many messages.


There are several methods to learn how to identify succulents. However, they all depend a lot on the photo you take.

Having a good photo, use the resources I showed you, recap:

  • Facebook groups
  • apps
  • Expert Profiles

These are the easiest ways to find out your succulent’s name and what she needs.

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