Ways to Make a Winter Garden in the Living Room: 15 Cool Ideas

How to Make a Winter Garden

I bet you want more color and fresh air in your living room, right? And it is possible to have this by learning how to make a winter garden in the living room.

The winter garden in the living room is a great asset for those who want to quickly transform the environment.

So why not start making your garden around the living room? The room that everyone enters and sees? Great idea, right? 

After all, it manages to bring a differentiated air to any space, integrating the indoor and outdoor areas and bringing nature closer.

The good news is that the winter garden can appear in large and small rooms, as there are several possibilities for composing your landscaping, including larger or smaller plants (depending on the conditions of your space).

But you can rest assured that if you want to make a garden indoors and follow the tips I’m going to give you in this article.

How to Start Making a Winter Garden in the Living Room

Garden room ideas are varied, so it’s best to sit down and think about what you want from your garden room. Do you want a tropical paradise or a cactus desert?

Imagine what you want in your living room; with your ideas ready and organized, choose the following:


Dedicate the entire room to the winter garden in the living room. I’m not talking about taking up all the space but rather adapting to the conditions that plants require.

Plants need light, temperature, ventilation, and water

Consider the room’s natural temperature and available light. Remember, you can add light and add heat if needed.

Equip the room

When you’re doing a basic indoor garden, there are four things you need to know when setting up your site. These are:

Light: It will likely be very dim even if your room receives a lot of light. Add lots of fluorescent or broad-spectrum lights at different heights.

Air Flow: Plants need good ventilation and airflow to be happy. If your chosen room has poor airflow, add a ceiling or floor fan to help keep the air moving.

Flooring: Avoid wood or carpet as they will be damaged by watering the plants. The best flooring would be ceramic or simply having no problem staining the floor.

Humidity: For many plants, you will have to add humidity, even more so if you make a winter garden in the room in dry climates. A humidifier can add some additional moisture to the room.

Decorate your interior with some hanging plants for shade!

Choose Plants for your Winter Garden

plants for winter garden

Plants should take into consideration the appearance as well as the conditions in your indoor garden room.

Low-light plants like philodendron and some palm trees can still add a tropical feel to your room.

Even plants with the greatest need for light, such as citrus trees and gardenias, can be used as long as you are careful to provide enough light through LED bulbs.

Watering Principles

This is one of the most important details when having plants indoors.

Ensure your soil doesn’t become soggy to prevent root rot from setting in. Too much moisture can make it difficult for the roots to get the oxygen the plant needs to survive. In other words, it dies.

Keep in mind that indoor plants drain water much slower than outdoor plants.

You won’t need water as much as you think, especially during winter. 

Plan to water when the top of the soil is dry. Do even less for plants like cacti and succulents, as they only need to be watered a little each week.

Cool Winter Garden Ideas for Living Room

1. Simple and small

Simple & small winter garden
(Image credit: Unsplash.com)

If your living room doesn’t have a lot of space, you can opt for a smaller and simpler winter garden.

In this inspiration, it was used as a way to divide the living room and TV room environments.

As it is only a small area, it does not have many plants, but it already helps to differentiate the space.

2. Cement wall and wooden floor

Cement wall and wooden floor
(Image credit: Pexels.com)

The cement wall is a widely used element in landscaping and can also appear in your winter garden.

Use different plants, and you can even hang some of them, giving a broader air to the environment.

Those who love a more rustic touch can invest in a wooden floor with more neutral furniture to compose this space.

3. Foliage and wood

Foliage and wood
(Image credit: Pexels.com)

If you have a mini backyard, a balcony or even an outdoor hallway, how about turning it into a winter garden?

This space is usually integrated into the living room by glass doors and looks great with the right plants.

Those who love a more rustic touch can invest in wood on the floor and a tree trunk with foliage.

4. Various ferns

Various ferns
(Image credit: Unsplash.com)

Ferns are plants on the rise again, helping to make any space more beautiful. This species can also feature prominently in your winter garden. They help to make the environment more green and alive.

5. Japanese garden

Japanese garden
(Image credit: pexels.com)

Another cool inspiration is transforming the winter garden into a real Japanese one.

This idea is excellent for those who love more mystical and zen items, as Japanese gardens have a philosophy behind them.

Some elements of their own must always appear (such as bonsai) and species defined to bring luck to the residents.

6. Winter garden with mini pool

Winter garden with mini pool
(Image credit: Pexels.com)

Want to dare even more in your winter garden? An incredible inspiration is this idea of a mini pool.

Of course, the project requires expert help, but the result is stunning.

7. Green wall

Green wall
(Image credit: Pexels.com)

If you don’t have a enough space available, but you want to make your garden full, the idea is to invest in the green wall.

It can “cover” an entire wall and house several species, with ferns being the most used.

The result is a super differentiated and natural environment.

8. Winter garden with swing

Winter garden with swing
(Image credit: Pexels.com)

Want to get away from the traditional elements and make a more cozy garden? Opt for a suspended nest-shaped swing to transform the space.

But, of course, you can’t miss some potted plants and flowers, including some vines coming down from the ceiling.

9. Under the stairs

Under the stairs
(Image credit: Unsplash.com)

Those who live in a townhouse can take advantage of the area under or next to the stairs to set up their winter garden.

Depending on the space available, it is possible to use different species, including different heights.

The one in the image is a very compact garden, but it gave the living room an extra charm.

10. Wall with pallet

Wall with pallet
(Image credit: Pexels.com)

The pallet is a very used element in landscaping projects. It helps to convey rusticity and still carries a more “zen” character that is super welcome in these environments.

So it’s a fantastic idea to cover a part of the wall with a pallet and hang some vases, bringing even more charm to your winter garden.

11. Integrated environments

Integrated environments
(Image credit: Unsplash.com)

Houses and apartments with integrated environments are increasingly on the rise.

And the winter garden in the living room can work both to decorate and divide these spaces.

See how this beautiful garden helped to highlight the area fully.

12. Garden with vases

Garden with vases
(Image credit: Brina Blum)

Depending on the space available for your winter garden in the room, the use of vases

Garden with vases is an excellent idea for those who live in apartments or don’t want to have a lot of work when setting up the environment.

The pots are easy to transport and maintain without requiring additional planting care – and they look beautiful.

13. Small green area

Small green area
(Image credit: Pexels.com)

This is also a cool and modern winter garden idea in the living room.

The green area helps to highlight two environments: the living room and dining room.

At the same time it creates a very interesting focal point of attraction.

14. Winter Garden with many Species

Winter Garden with many Species
(Image credit: Pixabay.com)

Not always, but if you want to set up your winter garden, you will only need a variety of species.

If the space is more extensive, choose a variety of plants of different sizes.

See how this combination of plants and vases changed the decor of the room.

15. Relaxation

Living dining room and patio
(Image credit: Unsplash.com)

The winter garden in the living room doesn’t have to be just an observation area. It is also possible to think of ways to use this environment. In this idea, the sofa helps to create a space of ​​relaxation and appreciation of nature.

Tips and Secrets for Maintaining Your Garden

Surely now you know the step by step to get started. I’ll give you some tips on how to make a winter garden in your living room.

  • The more sun, the better. Yes, some plants resist their lack, but this leaves your options very limited; the more sun, the more variety of plants.
  • Protect the floor so that the water that is filtered does not stain your floor
  • Make borders with wood, marking the area and covering its interior with stones and pine bark.
  • Know your plants, their needs, and care well.
  • Make a well-draining soil, allowing water to infiltrate quickly, so the plant roots will not be deprived of oxygen

Well, I guess I said it would be easy, right? And it is if you put the right plants in the right spot.

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So what did you think? Did you like our winter garden ideas in the living room? You certainly felt a desire to continue with your project, right? Do you still have any doubts? So leave a comment, and I can still improve this article and clear your doubts.

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