I failed the SS2 Promotion exam – will I repeat the class?

What will I do, I fail the SS2 promotion exam? Can I rewrite the exam without waiting for next year? 

According to the Ministry of Education, Nigeria, many secondary school students who sat for Joint SS2 Unified Promotion Exam (UPE) didn’t perform well. Which triggered questions like: 

  • Do I have to repeat SS2 class while my set proceeds to SS3?
  • Is UPE used for promotion to next class or school exams?
  • Will the result affect my SS3 final exam (WAEC & NECO)?

You will learn what is SS2 promotion exam, what to do if you fail it, and the difference between school 3rd term exams.

What is SS2 Promotion Examination?

SS2 Promotion exam is intended for senior secondary school II students to test their readiness for final exams (WASSCE & SSCE). The exam is organized by the State government and is taken at the term of SS2. The primary purpose of the ministry of education is to ensure that quality students are produced and have experience of the external exam.

Who marks Joint SS2 Promotion Examination?

Teachers of a different school mark scripts of another school in various subjects instead of marking their school’s student’s scripts. All this is done in a hall under the supervision of officials from the ministry of education. In the end, a team of supervisors from the ministry will verify the scripts.

Will I repeat class If I fail the SS2 Promotion Examination?

No, you won’t repeat a class if you fail the exam. The school-organized exam is used for promotion to the next class, not UPE. The ministry adopted the exam to know how ready students are for their upcoming final exam in secondary school. It will be best if you use the long break in the third term to find out the area you are not good at and seek extra lessons from those who are good at the topic or subject.

If you have any questions concerning the SS2 promotion exam, please ask using the comment section. Share this post with your friends worried about a low grade in UPE.

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