Mayor of New York receives Salary in Bitcoin (BTC)

Athletes preceded, politicians followed. Now the mayor of New York City also gets his salary in Bitcoin (BTC).

After Bitcoin became increasingly popular among athletes, the first politicians were able to pay with cryptocurrencies. Now the mayor of New York City also gets his salary in Bitcoin.

New York Mayor: “Buy the dip”

New York City has a new Mayor since January 1st! With Eric Adams, an avid Bitcoiner, takes this place. In an interview with CNBC, Adams reveals that he will get his first three salaries in Bitcoin.

In addition, he says, a price low is the right time to buy. In the past seven days, Bitcoin has lost nearly eleven percent. Perhaps this fact finally led him to make his testimony.

Adams does not believe in a permanently bad course. Overall, he is impressed by the digital world. He wants to make New York the center of technology. He had previously specified this statement in more concrete terms.

We have to use blockchain technology and other types of technology! I want New York to be the center of this technology.

He told CNN. New York was the center of emerging high technology for a long time. That has changed in recent years. Meanwhile, the city is destroying businesses every day. Adams would like to restore business empires in New York.

It is not the right way to ignore new technology. Adams even wants to teach students about this technology. The city can only maintain its status with the necessary openness.

However, why Adams only wants to receive his first three salaries in Bitcoin remains unanswered.

Miami’s mayor also wants a bitcoin salary

Adams is not the first mayor in the country with such wishes. In December, Miami’s Mayor Francis Suarez also made it clear that he wanted a Bitcoin salary.

In an interview, he said the reason for this is obvious. He suspects that BTC will continue to gain in value in the future. In this respect, it is simply a good investment. In addition, Bitcoin is an investment that he really believes in.

Belief in blockchain technology is not just speculation. It is much more convincing due to its open-source.

Still, Suarez mentions that he only gets a fraction of his income in Bitcoin. Therefore, he can make this investment. At the same time, he implies that a full salary in Bitcoin is out of the question for him.

Suarez also wants to turn Miami into a center for cryptocurrencies. He explicitly mentions his support for the development of technology and mining. He often gets the assistance of his colleague Scott Conger.

Conger is Mayor of Jackson, Tennessee. It gives all employees in the city the opportunity to receive a salary in Bitcoin.

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