What is the meaning of Lowbob and It’s uses

When gaming, someone is called a “lowbob,” and you don’t know what that means? We’ll tell you what’s behind the term and how you use it.

That means lowbob: bad at gaming, noob / boon

The term “Lowbob” is also spelled “LowBob” or “Low Bob” and is synonymous with Noob / Boon or Newbie. 

The term refers to a player who doesn’t play particularly well and doesn’t seem to have any skills in the gaming world.

Derived from English, “low” and “Bob” literally mean “low” “bad” or “low” and “Bob” is a commonly given name or nickname. In a figurative sense, “lowbob” can be translated as “bad guy” or “weak dude”.

Origin of Lowbob

The term “lowbob” probably originated from a play on words. Based on the expressions Noob and Boon, “Lowbob” was born and spread throughout the Internet community. 

In addition to the different spellings of “Lowbob”, the expression “Lowbird,”, i.e “bad/weak bird”, is also common.

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How you recognize a low bob

A lowbob can be recognized by his style of play, which makes everyone else look like a Gosu . In addition to lack of success, lowbobs are quick to work and are never part of a group for long. Often cheat and cheat those cookies and she, therefore repeatedly kicked be.

How to use Lowbob

You can use the term “lowbob” even while gaming if you are dealing with a non-expert. But the term can now also be heard outside of the gaming world. A dulli of the order of magnitude “low bob” can be found in all parts of life.


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