Is it good to Paint Roof Tiles? With what?

Paint Roof Tiles

A beautiful house deserves a beautiful roof! Unfortunately, the roof often loses its charm because it is dirty, old, and weathered. Now you can immediately think of replacing the entire roof, which entails high costs, but you can also paint roof tiles in many colors or just transparent. How do you paint roof tiles?

By painting roof tiles, the lifespan is extended by ten years. First, the roof tiles are cleaned, disinfected, primed, and finally, two coats of paint. There are drawbacks to painting roof tiles.

This is briefly explained how you can paint roof tiles and what you can paint roof tiles with. However, there is much more to it, described in this article. The painting of ceramic roof tiles and concrete roof tiles is also discussed.

Is painting your roof tiles a good idea?

Roof tiles lose a large part of their function and color over time. If this happens, roof tiles become porous, dirt sticks to the tiles, and leakage can occur. One option is replacing the roof tiles, which is also a major investment. Doing nothing is also not an option because that can cause major damage to the roof tiles and the roof construction.

Another solution is to paint the roof tiles. Painting extends the life of the roof tiles and makes them waterproof again. 

Disadvantages of Painting Roof Tiles

There are some disadvantages to painting roof tiles, such as:

  • It is a treatment that only affects the surface of the roof tiles. The paint does not soak into the roof tiles. If these are porous, they also remain porous. A coat of paint will not change this.
  • Painting roof tiles is not a sustainable solution.
  • Painting roof tiles is not a certified process. In other words, anyone can and may paint a roof. There is no certification and no training required. Therefore, finding a real specialist with the right expertise isn’t easy.
  • The moment of painting is difficult to determine. If the roof tiles are already too far gone (too porous) and crumble, it is no longer possible to paint. Painting too early is also not a good idea because certain substances can dissolve in the roof tiles, which deteriorates the quality of the roof tiles.
  • Painting roof tiles can only be done if all the tiles are still good. Painting is not an option if there are torn or broken tiles on the roof.
  • It is not a permanent solution but a temporary one. The paint will continue to protect the roof tiles for about ten years. Then it will have to happen again.
  • Before it can be painted, the entire roof must be thoroughly cleaned. No dirt should be left behind. Cleaning is assertive for the adhesion of the paint. Some roofs are so porous that they can no longer be cleaned.

There are not only drawbacks to painting roof tiles. There are also advantages and the most important is the cost aspect of painting compared to replacing.

Advantages of Painting Roof Tiles

  • It’s done quickly. It is not a job of days or weeks. The job is completed in 1-2 days.
  • The service life of the roof tiles is extended by approximately ten years.
  • It is much cheaper than replacing the entire roof. Painting roof tiles is about 50%-75% more affordable than replacement. Cleaning and coating a roof of approximately 55-65 m 2 costs roughly $2,000. In this case, replacing the roof tiles will cost you about $3,800 – $4,200. Of course, it depends on the chosen roof tiles because they are available in many price ranges.
  • The roof gets an entirely different look due to the paint layer. This increases the value of the house.
  • The lowering reduces the adhesion of algae and moss.

For more information about the lifespan of roof tiles, I would like to refer you to our blog about the lifespan of roof tiles, both ceramic algae, and concrete roof tiles.

Should I Paint or Replace Roof Tiles?

Painting roof tiles may be cheaper, but it also has disadvantages and the most important is the lifespan.

To make a good decision, what you want to do with the house is important.

  • If you plan to continue living in the house for years, or you have bought a house whose roof tiles are wrong, it is better to invest in a new roof. This also increases the value of your house, and it is a sustainable solution.
  • If you do not currently have any lying funds or do not know whether you will continue to live in the house for a long time, you can undoubtedly consider painting the roof tiles.

It’s a choice you have to make yourself. I hope you have enough information to make a choice.

Paint Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete roof tiles are made of sand and cement. After drying, the roof tiles are treated with a two-layer coating. Concrete has an open structure, and by coating, this open structure is closed, and no dirt or moisture can enter the roof tiles. The coating also protects the roof tiles against UV radiation.

You can hire a specialist to paint roof tiles, but if you are handy, you can also try it yourself. Make sure you work safely by using fall protection. What will you do if you are going to paint roof tiles:

  1. Cleaning
    First, clean the roof tiles with water and a high-pressure sprayer. All mosses, fungi, and algae must be removed.
    You now have the time to inspect the roof. Place roof tiles that are incorrectly positioned or have shifted back into place. If you have spare roof tiles, you can replace the broken roof tiles.
  2. Apply disinfectant
    Traces of fungi, mosses, and algae are always left behind. A disinfectant is applied to make sure that these are dead. This means the mosses and algae no longer have a chance to grow further.
  3. Applying
    Then, a primer is applied. This primer provides an intermediate layer between the paint and the roof tiles. For the top layer of the roof tiles to become porous, it is necessary to apply a primer.
  4. Painting
    The paint is then applied. Special roof tile paint is available in the building material market. They have different colors, and you can immediately read the processing instructions. The paints can be applied with a roller, but an airless paint sprayer is usually used.
    Usually, two coats of paint are applied for the best results.

If you don’t like it, call in a specialist and don’t stand on the roof yourself.

Paint Ceramic Roof Tiles

Ceramic roof tiles are roof tiles that are made of clay. The clay is first pressed into a mold and then fired at a high temperature. The roof tiles are then glazed to make them waterproof. This is a more durable roof tile that lasts longer than the average roof tile.

These roof tiles can also be painted, and the processing is the same as painting concrete roof tiles.

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