Ripple Lawsuit Decision by April 2022

US authorities are bringing charges against Ripple and the XRP developers. According to attorney Jeremy Hogan, the US Securities and Exchange Commission and Ripple trial will end in April.

In December 2020, the US Securities and Exchange Commission filed charges against Ripple and the XRP developers. According to attorney Jeremy Hogan, the US Securities and Exchange Commission and Ripple trial will end in April.

Ripple vs. SEC: Indictment, Trials, Dates, and Updates

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The decision for Ripple by April 2022?

According to his own statements, the lawyer Jeremy Hogan, who appears as a supporter of XRP, is an experienced specialist. He was involved in over a thousand legal proceedings.

The legal process is long and exhausting, but the right decision is usually made in the end.

April is my best estimate. I very much doubt the ripple case could be strung past summer, even in a worst-case scenario. – Jeremy Hogan (@ attorneyjeremy1) December 30, 2021

With this, Hogan responded to tweets from Ripple founder Brad Garlinghouse, who has been increasingly critical of US authorities since the lawsuit became known. He frequently attacks the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

The SEC closes itself off to innovations such as cryptocurrencies through its policy. The lawyer Hogan gives Garlinghouse a tip not to fall into cynicism but to remain hopeful.

According to Hogan, the end of the proceedings is most likely by April next year. In no case does he assume that a judgment will not be made until after next summer.

Ripple’s managing director Garlinghouse also expects the court hearings to end in 2022. In an interview with CNBC in late November, Garlinghouse drew attention to major advances in the legal battle.

That is astonishing because the work of the authorities is only progressing slowly.

Ripple lawsuit has been contested so far

So far, according to available information, Ripple has not been able to achieve a decisive advantage in court. In July, it became clear that the crypto project is not that easy to stop. The court heard the SEC director William Hinman personally.

Despite the legal battle, Ripple was able to set new records in 2021 and, according to Garlinghouse, had its best year ever. Both parties requested an additional expert opinion on January 19.

Soon NFT on the Ripple Blockchain?

David Schwartz, one of the inventors of Ripple and current technical director, worked on its code from the early days of Bitcoin.

He worked with other well-known names in the scene, such as Peter Todd and Matt Corallo. The former main developer Gavin Andresen was also one of his colleagues.

A few years ago, Andresen had come under fire after suggesting that Craig Wright was Satoshi Nakamoto. This caused a deep shock among fans of Bitcoin.

Together with Arthur Britto and Jed McCaleb, David Schwartz developed Ripple 10 years ago thanks to the inspiration of Bitcoin. The goal from the beginning has been to create a better version of Bitcoin.

In connection with Bitcoin mining in particular, the developer considers XRP to be superior. Ripple is currently working on implementing Non-Fungibe-Token (NFT) projects on the Ripple blockchain.

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