Solana Blockchain offline again after DDoS attack

Solana falls victim to a DDoS attack. In total, the Solana Blockchain was offline for five hours.

Solana (SOL) has repeatedly made headlines through system crashes in the past few months. Now it is happening again. This time Solana crashes after a DDoS attack.

Solana offline after DDoS attack

Last night, users of the Solana network wondered about unexpected problems. It was quickly clear that these problems occurred because the network is offline. After five hours of downtime, everything is now back to normal.

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A Dos or DDoS attack works by flooding the network with an enormous amount of transactions in one fell swoop. This will overload the network and crash.

how a DoS attack on Solana works
This is how a DoS attack on Solana works

This strategy poses few obstacles on Solana, as the transaction fees are very low. The status of the network and other information can be found on Solana Status and Solana Beach.

In the user community, the renewed crash led to discussions about the quality of the project. In comparison, Bitcoin has been active since 2009 without ever crashing.

Another user notes that Bitcoin is so slow that this time can also be used to bring Solana back online.

Is Solana blockchain stable?

But opinions diverged further. While some users reported a network crash, others only complained about unusually long loading times.

These statements lead to the suspicion that a complete crash did not occur in this case. A similar event did not occur until the beginning of December. At that time, the developers suspected a DoS attack.

In fact, transactions in the SolChicks game were overloading the network. At this point, too, it could be observed that a large part of the movements in the network failed, but confirmation was successful from time to time.

Solana unsuitable for professionals

On Reddit, users were very unhappy with this news.

A network with such poor stability is completely unsuitable for any serious trader.

So that. The code of the protocol is too bad, wrote another. A decent product would not give up its function at every small irregularity.

In the past, Solana has had crashes that lasted almost a day. Due to a crash caused by the Solana-DEX Raydium, the entire network was idle for 17 long hours.

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