2 Ways to Make Flower Garden Year Round

Year round Flower Garden

While gardening isn’t exhausting, knowing how to make a flower garden year-round takes a lot of planning and organization.

But in the end, it’s worth it. After all, you’ll have a beautiful flower garden all year round. And surely everyone will ask you what you did to have a garden like this!

I will show you the two strategies you can use to learn how to make a flower garden all year round, but in addition, I will also show you the plants for a garden with flowers all year round in this article.

Ways to Make a Flower Garden All Year Round

There are two ways to make a garden that will bloom all year round.

The first requires you to choose plants that bloom year-round and maintain them properly.

But the second requires you to choose plants that bloom in each season. That way, you guarantee different flowers in each season of the year.

Let’s start with the simplest.

Flower Garden with Plants That Bloom All Year

To use this strategy, you will need to choose perennials that do not die after flowering. But usually, these flowers also do not bloom in the first year of planting. However, they almost always bloom more than once a year.

In addition to more extended flowering, these plants require some care, such as frequent pruning at the right time. Or they won’t bloom as you want.

Only prune at the right time to prevent the plant from growing too much or pruning the buds.

See my recommendation for perennial flowers, which will help you to make a flower garden all year round, at the end of this article.

How to have a flower garden all year round in all four seasons

Designing year-round gardens start with choosing the right plants for your region, even more so here. Depending on your area and seasons, some plants may or may not bloom.

Annuals generally tend to flower at the time of their season; for example, I have some Gladiolus that bloom all spring and then die.

These plants are ideal for you to plant and have in your garden. But choosing the right plant, which blooms in every season in your region, will be a little difficult.

These are the only two ways to make a flower garden all year round. Choose your strategy and follow the tips below.

Year-round flowering plants

Every plant has a cycle, but some have rapid cycles or cycles that last for months. That is, some plants will bloom for several months in a year or will bloom several times. Which flower blooms all year?

Some of them are:


They are shrubs that bloom mainly in the two hottest seasons of the year: spring and summer.


The lantana blooms in spring, and its flowers can last until early autumn.


Verbenas are beautiful flowers but are also very hardy and bloom during spring, summer, and autumn.


Well, if you plant geraniums in well-lit environments, they will bloom almost all year round.


In the ideal environment for them, where it is warm, they will bloom all year round.

Flowers that Bloom in Spring


They bloom in early spring. The buds are pink, but when they open, the flowers are white and have a sweet and intense scent.


Most bulb plants prefer to bloom in spring, like Gladiolus.


Agapanthus (Lily of the Nile) blooms almost at the end of spring, making them an excellent option to have a more flowery spring.

Sunflower ;

A gigantic and beautiful flower to have in your garden

Calliandra ;

Calliandra is a plant that grows in woody shrubs up to 4 meters. It has intense growth throughout the year but slows in low temperatures. Calliandra is the common name given to several species of the genus Calliandra, also known as the red powder puff or blood-red Tassel-flower.

Flowers that bloom in summer

Marsh lily;

Its foliage is bright green, and the white or pink flowers are very common in wetland landscaping.

Dahlia ;

Dahlia is the most beautiful flower you can have in your garden, with different sizes and colors such as orange, white, yellow, red, pink, and lilac, certainly the best choice of all summer plants.

Ixora ;

Ixora, also known as West Indian Jasmine, usually blooms in summer, but depending on health and climate, flowering can last all year.

Day Lilies;

They are not lilies, but their orange flowers are very similar, which will give you a beautiful bloom.

Zinnias ;

Flowers with intense colors appear in late spring, but flowering prevails during the summer.

Flowers that bloom in autumn

Datura or devil’s trumpet;

A shrub with large flowers resembling trumpets, hence the name devil’s Trumpet, these plants bloom from midsummer to late autumn.

Lenten Rose ;

These little trees bloom twice a year and are sure to fill your garden with purple flowers every spring and fall.

Abelia ;

Abelias, bloom all summer and autumn. They are small shrubs with very beautiful foliage too.

Gerbera ;

Gerbera continuously blooms two months after planting, meaning if you plant them in January, they will bloom there in March. Common name for Gerbera is the Transvaal daisy.

Flowers that bloom in winter

It’s challenging, I know, but some plants bloom in winter.

Primrose ;

Primroses are small flowers with soft petals and a wide variety of colors. A good choice of plants for you to have in pots for the winter.


The flowering of this plant can vary a little. In colder areas, the flowers appear between spring and autumn, while in warmer areas, they appear during the winter. 


Cyclamen is a small plant with intense green heart-shaped leaves. But in addition to beautiful foliage, cyclamen has a curious flowering, which makes the plant seem surrounded by butterflies.

Wisteria ;

A vine with blue to purple flowers, which comes as a cascade, will certainly not be a mistake to have this plant in your garden.


The Big Secret to a Year-round Flowering Garden is Maintenance. Good gardening practices such as mulching, removing weeds, watering, and fertilizing go a long way in helping your garden reach its potential. 

Fertilize your plants carefully, and use mulch to protect the roots from heat. Also, remove dead flowers, and prune your plants at the right time, which is usually always after flowering.

By following primary maintenance care, you will master the art of how to make a flower garden all year round.

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