What does MeNoGetShiShi mean? How to use it

Did you ask someone for something, and the person responded with Menogetshishi? Don’t panic. You will find out what the word means, how to use it, and when to say it. Is it a name or slang?

New terms are being smuggled through the internet, causing the constant change in our everyday language. You may have heard Menogetshishi from a friend, online, or via phone call before, but you don’t understand what is it is all about. Some questions like ” Is this person speaking a foreign language for me”, “what do you mean by that”.  

Let’s get started.

What does Menogetshishi mean?

The term Menogetshishi means “I don’t have anything”. If you separate the word down, you will be getting “Me no get shi shi”. Another meaning is ” I don’t have anything to offer”. It also means, ” I can’t give you what I don’t have”.

In addition, there are other spellings of Menogetshishi > Shi shi me no get, Me no get shi gbai, Shi shi i no get. All this means the same thing.

Origin of Menogetshishi

The term “MeNoGetShiShi” was first originated from a short video of a boy online. The video started spreading from Facebook to other social networks. In the video, he said that “this Xmass period that guys should change their name. I have already changed my name. He went ahead and said that his new name is a Nigerian name mixed with Chinese MeNoGetShiShi“.

How to use Menogetshishi

Check out some examples below and know how to apply the work Menogetshishi in your everyday language use. Remember that the word is mostly used as a response to a question or request. So, the example will be in the form of a question and response.

  • Hey dear, I am bored, and I want you to take me out shopping? Menogetshishi.
  • Boss, anything for me? Menogetshishi ( I don’t have anything).
  • Did you stop calling me? Why? (I don’t have anything to offer).
  • Can you take my friends and me to the club? MeNoGetShiShi.

I hope you’re able to understand what the term MeNoGetShiShi means. Please don’t to share this article with your friends and community. 


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