What does sheesh mean and when to use it?

The youth language is part of our culture and time, and again it manages to smuggle completely fresh word creations into our everyday life without us necessarily noticing it at first. Internet slang also has this property, and often both are not that far apart. This is probably also the case with the word sheesh, which you are guaranteed to have heard somewhere before, but you may have been unsure what it meant. We’ll help you with the jumps.

The origin of the word Sheesh

In the meantime, the term sheesh has become firmly established in the language of young people, which is why it may seem challenging to clarify its origin. You not only read it often enough on social media or platforms such as YouTube and Co., but it is somehow anchored in our everyday language. But where does the word come from anyway?

This question cannot be answered with one hundred percent accuracy. Still, there are clear indications that Sheesh could establish himself in the English (youth) language thanks to the Austrian rapper Money Boy. This year, Sheesh was included on the list of contenders for the youth word 2021, although it has been used as such for years.

Sheesh: Religious background?

There is also no clear explanation for the word sheesh. Still, it has a certain similarity to the expression “Geez”, which is often used in the American hip-hop scene, usually found at the end of a sentence, more precisely a rap line, finds again. This stands for “Jesus”, although it has no deeper religious meaning, instead serves to underline the last verse rapped. Thus, the words of the spoken song artist should be given special emphasis.

If you had to replace it, an “old man” or “boy” would probably fit best, but an astonished “wow” would also be analogous. Adding or leaving out Sheesh would not change the content or meaning of the verse.

Use of the word sheesh

Sheesh can be used on the Internet and in regular conversations with your friends in everyday life. You want to underline what you or another person said before and emphasize its importance. But, as already mentioned, it can also bubble out of you as an expression of surprise, aversion, annoyance, or admiration. Basically, sheesh is an exclamation intended to intensify a specific situation.

Sheesh can be used at the end of a sentence and at the beginning, at which it is then to be understood as an “Oh my God”. Many see in Sheesh a modification of the Turkish “Çüş”, which, like Godswill, has become an integral part of the youth language. Especially in the social networks, but also in a relaxed environment, you would use Sheesh as follows:

  • “Sheesh, the movie was enticing.”
  • “The price for the daily subscription is high, Sheesh.”
  • “Did you see him kick the ball into the corner?” – “Sheesh, he hit him perfectly.”

More words from youth and internet language

Sheesh is just one of many words that have slipped into common German vocabulary in the past due to youth culture and the Internet.

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