What is the Metaverse? Explanation and MVI index token

In this article you can find out what the Metaverse is, how it works and how you can invest in the Metaverse using the Metaverse Index (MVI).

Since the Facebook group renamed itself Meta, the term Metaverse has been on everyone’s lips. There are also some projects in the crypto world in the area of NFT that have been dedicated to the trending topic of the virtual world for a long time.

In this article, we took a closer look at the Metaverse buzzword.

We answer the following questions:

  • What is the Metaverse?
  • How does the Metaverse work and what are its properties?
  • How can I invest in the Metaverse?
  • Which crypto projects are there in this sector?

What is the Metaverse?

In order to understand what the metaverse is, it is best to first look at the origin of the term.

The word “Metaverse” is a suitcase word that is made up of the ancient Greek words meta (which means “beyond”) and the universe.

Nevertheless, it is important here: is there a clear definition of the Metaverse at all? On the whole, every person and the future user will have the opportunity to define the Metaverse for themselves and, when the time is right, to design it themselves. Just as it should, at least ideally, also work in real life.

The Metaverse is a completely digitized world that exists alongside our analog world. You, as a user, have the opportunity there to design your presence as freely and as creatively as possible.

Our ideas of the Metaverse were shaped primarily by literature and film. The book “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline and the accompanying film adaptation or “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson has played a considerable part in defining the image of a digital world.

In literature, the Metaverse is, above all, a kind of utopian parallel world that offers people the opportunity to shape their lives free from cultural, economic, and social constraints. The characters mostly flee from a destroyed society into a digital utopia.

How does the Metaverse work?

The buzzword “Metaverse” indicates many new and perhaps as yet undreamt-of possibilities – especially in the area of ​​virtual experience and digital assets. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic should have left no doubt that a digital presence is also becoming increasingly important for many people.

The Metaverse can be summarized as a shared webspace that can be populated by different applications and thus also by users.

In the past, you could already see the beginnings of this on websites like “HabboHotel” or “SecondLife”. Web spaces allow users to design their online presence even if not connected freely.

Nowadays, programs like Fortnite Creative Mode or games like Animal Crossing give us a foretaste of what the Metaverse might look like.

And what will the future look like? One thing is clear; the Metaverse will be a convergence of a whole range of different technologies. And various tools for designing games or world creation tools (e.g., Unreal Engines) show us where the journey could lead.

But wait, isn’t there another important aspect missing? Ready Player One sets an example for us – in the Metaverse, you want to touch, feel, and sense. This does not yet work with a simple Internet application such as HabboHotel. By merging virtual and augmented reality, what we imagine is made possible. And so the doors are also opened to an open metaverse, in which the implementation of user-specific assets, for example, in the form of NFTs, can take place.

As an illustration:

You buy a skin or an item for your favorite game – but could it also be used in another video game? This will no longer be a problem in an open metaverse because your item could be tokenized there and no longer tied to the application.

Buying Meta Coin: Can you invest that in the Metaverse?

The question that has probably been on your mind for a long time. If you want to invest in the Metaverse, it is not as straightforward as buying a cryptocurrency, for example. There are many different projects in Space that can be associated with the idea of ​​the Metaverse – having the right nose is often not that easy. And NFT drops are currently a dime a dozen. For example, you can view the various projects via Coingecko in the Metaverse category.

Top Metaverse Coins

If you cannot or do not want to decide on a project or an NFT, then take the opportunity to invest in an index.

Buy Metaverse Index (MVI): explanation and trading

The Metaverse Index (MVI) is an index token. Index Coop developed it to capture the trend of relocating entertainment, sport, and business to a virtual environment. You can buy this index to make a single investment in the numerous tokens in the Metaverse category.

What is an index token?

An index token shows the performance of a specific market index, such as market capitalization. The fund manager’s role can be automated and decentralized through oracles.

The selection of the $MVI token is based on the following essential criteria:

  • The protocol must belong to one of the following token categories on Coingecko: NFT, entertainment, VR, AR, and music.
  • The total market capitalization must be over $30 million.
  • The protocol must have been in operation for at least three months, and the token must have had a price and liquidity history for at least three months.
  • The token must have adequate and consistent DEX liquidity on Ethereum.
  • The token must be available on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • The log must have undergone an independent security check.

The MVI is a token that is traded on Uniswap. You can interact with the swap interface to buy or sell the MVI token using a wallet like Metamask.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Metaverse

This section provides answers to the most important questions about Facebook (Meta), the Metaverse, and the investment opportunities.

What do I need for the Metaverse?

For the Metaverse applications that are already accessible – these include, for example, games like Fortnite, Animal Crossing or Roblox – you usually only need a working PC with a decent graphics card or, for instance, with Animal Crossing, the corresponding console. An internet connection should not be missing either. For the Metaverse, as you know it from films like Ready Player One or Gamer, VR and AR equipment is required. But since we are still talking about fantasies and thought games, you can lean back here and wait.

Is there a definition of the Metaverse?

There is no uniform definition of the Metaverse. If one looks at the word’s origin from ancient Greek, the compound meta-universe can be translated as “beyond the world”. In general, a metaverse is a virtual world where individuals can interact with one another.

What is the Meta share?

The Meta share is the new name of the former Facebook Inc. share, which was listed under the ticker FB. After the restructuring, Meta Platforms Inc. is listed under the ticker symbol MTVR.

Is there a Metaverse App?

Each project creates its Metaverse. This means a separate metaverse for every virtual world, for example, in Decentraland or The Sandbox. Therefore, there is not a single Metaverse app but a multitude of applications. Usually, you enter a metaverse through your browser.

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